Sunday, July 24, 2011

Malaysia is for MALAYSIAN!

If u think Malaysia is not good for u anymore so pack up and GET OFF!!! tak payah dok buat bagus and mengata Malaysia yang tu yang ni.... Malaysia do not need people like you in this country... if u r not satisfied with the regulation, just wait for the election day and u make the not make havoc and destroy the good image of MALAYSIA..... orang2 yang bodoh bertingkat menyusahkan orang ramai ni adalah manusia2 yang tak ada otak and tak tau perjuangan nenek moyang kita zaman dulu....u people are such a MORON!!!!! stupid ediotic people!!!! just get a life and do not make a mess in Malaysia..... We are living in harmony and peacefully, we do not need you people in this country!!!!!! GET LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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